What is a foaming test?

Foaming test is a COVID-19 rapid screening test kit that is performed with a urine sample and foams on reaction with bi-products of Covid-19. Giving reliable results in just 15 seconds.

How does the foaming test work?

The reactant available in the foaming test and specifically prepared in the laboratory reacts with both substances present on the virus and remnants belonging to the virus and with such substances which are caused by the virus and should not be normally present in the urine. This reactant yields results by foaming with urine sample in the test tube.

Who can use the foaming test?

Foaming test can be used to evaluate the course of the disease and treatment in adults, children, the elderly, infants, patients, pregnant women and COVID-19 patients.

In what situations can it be used?

It helps to identify individuals who have some clinical findings but it is not yet clear whether they have COVID-19 or not, in the incubation period and determine their clinical condition. It helps to follow-up the clinical condition and course (prognosis) of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. It helps to make daily clinical follow-up of individuals whose prognosis worsens when it is good, or those who get better when their prognosis is bad. It helps to distinguish people who have similar complaints but who do not have COVID-19. It helps individuals who have COVID-19 negative, who are in the follow-up process, in the quarantine process, who have completed their treatment and who are in the process of follow-up at home, learn their clinical situations in a practical way and share them with the doctor who follows them so that the doctor can make a decision quickly about the treatment process. It helps individuals who are anxious about COVID-19, who have to enter a suspicious environment and who are uncomfortable with this situation, to control themselves and thus to apply to healthcare facilities quickly if necessary according to the test result. It helps individuals with certain substances in their urine that should not normally exist, other than COVID-19, to control themselves and consult a healthcare facility early. It facilitates the work of healthcare professionals in the pre-diagnosis, final diagnosis and clinical follow-up processes they established on patients.

What are the advantages of a foaming test?

It is a practical test that can be performed in any environment. The result can be obtained within a few seconds, and it helps to alleviate the concerns of healthy individuals about Covid-19. Clinical follow-up of individuals with the disease can be performed comfortably and quickly, it can be detected that an individual has an abnormal condition other than Covid-19, and thus early diagnosis and treatment can be provided.

Is a healthcare professional needed to complete the test?

It is very easy to use the Foaming Test. It can be performed easily without any help by following the instructions in the user manual.

Why does the urine foam?

Foaming is directly proportional to the virus load in the body. Less foam will be formed those with lower viral load, and more foam will be formed those with higher viral load. As a result of laboratory studies conducted between patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and healthy people, a color scale has been created. The level of the foam also indicates the level of the disease.

Does the foaming test detect the infection after it reaches the kidney or can it detect it earlier than in the bronchial stage?

The Foaming Test kit is a diagnostic kit. Its working principle is reaction with urinary components. The viral load undoubtedly reaches the kidneys after entering the body. Thus, it is possible to detect the infection within the first 3 days after the virus is infected.

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