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Fast & reliable Covid‑19 test Detects all variations and mutations Urine test kit Select mask for you 15 second results Fast & reliable Covid‑19 test Detects all variations and mutations Urine test kit Select mask for you 15 second results



Effectively screen individuals for Covid‑19 prior to social gatherings, events or visiting medical centers.


Get quick and accurate test results to confirm Covid‑19 infection in individuals with symptoms.


Only test that can help track the severity of the Covid‑19 infection. Allowing for smarter treatment.


Track the infection rate throughout recovery to ensure the correct treatment plan.

Test procedure

1) Start by unpacking the contents of the box. Take out the large container and fill with urine. When filled screw cap back on.

2) Take the test tube from the box, and attach it to the urine container to automatically transfer urine. Tube should fill exactly to black line, use the included syringe to adjust amount in test tube.

3) When tube is filled to black line. Vigorously shake tube up & down for exactly 15 seconds. When done check if there are bubbles stuck. If so gently tap tube with finger or rock tube forth and back to capture all bubbles.

4) Place tube cap side down on a flat surface let it rest for 10 seconds. Read how far the bubbles reach. If they are within Green, Yellow, Orange or Red zone and act according to instructions.

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How to read results

Red – Severe

Severe Covid-19 virus load, immediately seek medical advice at your nearest fully equipped hospital.

Orange – Confirmed

Confirmed Covid-19, please contact your doctor immediately for treatment advice.

Yellow – Suspected

You may be developing Covid‑19 or you may be on the path to recovery, consult with your doctor.

Green – Healthy

You have a negative test result and do not have Covid-19. Stay safe and continue to follow social distancing rules

How the test works

Sars Cov-2 reproduces rapidly as soon as it enters the body and begins to create metabolic and chemical reactions, even before before clinical symptoms and lung findings are developed. Changes that can be followed by blood or urine tests.

As the virus load in the body increases, bi-products of the virus begin to be excreted from the body by urine. The excretion rate is directly related to the infectivity of the virus

The reactant (MSK) available in the foaming test is specifically prepared in the laboratory to reacts with these bi-products that should not be present in the urine normally. This reaction will cause the sample in the test tube to foam. The foaming rate increases in direct proportion to the viral load in the body. Less foam will be formed in people with lower viral load, and more foam will be formed in people with higher viral load.

Are there false positives?

The test accuracy is very high and is not affected by alcohol or drugs. In rare occasions the test catches markers from the kidney that are not connected to Covid-19, but is still a marker that should not be present in urine and individuals are still recommended to contact a doctor immediately.

Certifications & Reports

Fully ISO 13485:2016 certified

Fully CE certified

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